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About Us

Wenzhou Shuguang Electrical Co.,Ltd. Wenzhou Shuguang Fusc Joint production Manufactory professionally products and markets various fuses.Sinceit is establishment,it has been following the business guideline to conduct ghe technology,improve the quality and satisfy the customers' and developing the new products.We have a high-quality employee team,advanced technology and complete testing facilitywhich bring the design,processing,manufacturing and after-sale service together. In recent years,our factory developed rapidly and achieved greatly in economic and social effects. Wecontinuously inensify the quality management system and pay great attention to the technology flow as well as develop the new products. The fine quality materials,precise testion facility are the backing force in the quality control system.Our major products high-voltage fuse,metal oxide lightening conductor, indoor wall bushing and insulator etc., are tested by authority and the result came to be up to the technical standard.The products are sold to whole country.The stable quality guarantee and compltet after-sale service help us possess the market.

Our principle is efficient,premium, practical,crcative' . We heartily welcome the customer svisit us and make cooperation.

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