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  Expulsion High Voltage Fuse Link type K & T
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KB,KU,KS, type fuses belong to  "K" type and "T" type fuse, it has general type,universal type and screw type available accarding to IEC - 282 standard, Theproduct drop - off type fuse of 11 - 36kV grade.

◆Test report (certificate)

Expulsion Fuse Link Specifications: 

The Fuse Link are used for 11-36KV drop out fuse cutout. 


The Fuse Element adopts the accurately tested material, high purity silver, or silver-copper eutectic or nickle-chrome eutectic, based on different rated current. The fuse element wire is extruded by mold of high accuracy. The cross section is inspected by laser micrometer to ensure the accuracy, while careful assembly guarantees no crack, shrinkage or twist which affects the time-current accuracy. 




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