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  F Type Current-Limiting Fuses For Transformer Protection
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Model Name :H.V HRC Current - Limiting Fuses Type F For Transformer Protection                                  

Model Number :       F Type                      Safety Standard :  IEC

Breaking Capacity :        High                    Export  Markets :     Global

Rated Current :          100A                          Origin :     China

Rated Voltage :        12- 24 kV

Product  Description


H.V HRC current - limiting fuse type F for transformer protection is mainly used in AC 50Hz, rated voltage up to 24KV, rated current 160A circuit for pritection transfomers and power equipment from overload and short - circuit.

It conforms to IEC282 - 1,BS,DIN and GB15166.2.


F type H.V HRC current - limting fuses has two installation: Bus - bar installation and inster installation, it is small in volume, reliable inconnection and convenient in install and removal. The striker paarallels to the fuse element made from pure silver.They are sealed in the fuse tube filled with chemically treated high - purity quartz sand. The fuse tube is made from heat resistant,high ceramic or epoxyglass. When fault citcuit happens, the fuse link melts, the high - resistant metal wire paralleling to fuse link melts immediately at the appearance of the arc, and the striker jumps out to push the chained equipment contact, signaling the melting or qutomatically cutting the circuit. The striker has spring type and power type. Spring type strikers use the energy released by spring to oush the striker, powder type strikers use high pressure caused by the lighting powder to opush the striker. F type fuse can reliable breank the fault circuit which causes the fuse link to melt and which is up to the rated breaking current, it is not only featured with high breaking capacity of the current - limiting fuses, but also with protaction of low overload of the un - current - limiting fuse. F type fuse had a protection of full scope breaking capacity.


Packaging Detail : According to customer's requirement
Delivery Detail : According to the order 




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