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  High Voltage Power Transformer Oil Type
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Oil immersed high voltage fuse for transformer protection

Key Specifications/Special Features:

1. Oil-immersed

2. High breaking capability

3. High voltage current limiting fuse

4. Suitable for electrical power system of AC 50Hz, rated voltage 3.6 -24KV, rated current up to 200A(3.6KV), 160A(7.2KV), 125A(12KV) and below. Circuit for protecting transformers and other power equipment from overload and short-circuit.

5. High-pressured fuse conforms to the national GB15166.2 standard and the international electrical committee IEC 60282 standard as well as German DIN standard and British BS standard.

O-Oil-high breaking capacity high-voltage fuse current limit applies to exchange 50Hz, rated voltage 3.6-24 KV, rated
at 200 A (3.6KV), 160A(7.2KV), 125A (12KV) and the following power system, as transformers and other electricalequipment
overload or short-circuit protection used.The high-voltage fuse with national and international standards,
GB15166.2 Work Committee IEC282-1 standard, as well as the British BS standards.

O-color high-voltage fuse plug-and -two bus wiring, installation of a small,reliable and contacts to facilitate the replacement of
the special characteristics of gunpowder in the parallel probe by the film made of sterling silver melt,and chemical-treated
The high-purity quartz sand with the melting of the seal; melting of the high-intensity color high temperature ceramic made of
alumina. In - Road to a fault, melt melted in electric arc melt in an instant, with the impact melt parallel with the high-
resistance metal wire to fuse, gunpowder ignited a high pressure will probe the rapid pop-up, promote chain of electrical
contact, Issued automatically switch fuse or circuit signal The high-voltage fuse with tightness, and low power consumption,
high breaking capacity, fast action, the protection of the advantages of good.






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