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   Arrester types of power system electrical equipment (transformers, reactors, generators, motors, PT, CT, circuit breakers, contactors, etc.) the basis for insulation coordination, arrester protective properties of the power system to determine the internal and external insulation of all indicators of electrical equipment (short-time withstand voltage, lightning impulse voltage and switching impulse withstand voltage, etc.).
   The company’s ceramic insulation arrester porcelain jacket coat method using isostatic molding, high density, good electrical insulation. Coupled with a unique sealing technology and pressure release device, safe and reliable, widely used in various types of electrical sites. Arrester porcelain jacket long life, good texture, is durability and aesthetics in one of the ideal product.
Porcelain Housed Metal Oxide Surge Arrester lightning arrester is the most conventional international advanced products, with excellent non-linear - voltage, fast response and steep waves, flow capacity. Full of the mid-eighties after the introduction of the technology, through years of practice to digest, the present arrester plant products to the professional performance and the U.S., Japan, Western Europe and other countries is not large gap between the most advanced products, thereby achieving all the requirements of international products meet all the requirements of the international IEC standards.
   Silicon carbide valve arrester porcelain jacket is the new China arrester researchers developed a full range of independent technology production arrester. The product combines the power of the actual situation in China at that time, in which the magnetic blow clearance products, and its performance, is still not less than U.S., Japan and other western countries praised the MOA, is China’s industrialization process of self-worth Pride and technological achievements.
   Use and implementation of standards:
This product is used in AC 220kV and below, power generation, transmission, substation and distribution systems for internal operations and systems will thunder and lightning over-voltage amplitude to the required level of restriction, the whole system insulation coordination of infrastructure. At the same time, this product can not be used to limit the resonance over-voltage, systems need to adopt other means harmonic elimination.
   The product model by JB/T8459-1996 "Arrester Model preparation method" provides for the preparation, implementation of seamless products GB11032-2000 "metal oxide surge arresters without gaps for AC" standard; a gap product implementation JB/T9672-2005 "a series MOA gap "standards. On the above criteria are not clearly defined the important parameters and configuration, according to DL/T620-1997 "AC over-voltage electrical installations in the protection and insulation coordination" amendment to the implementation of the requirements.

Use conditions:

Normal use of conventional products are as follows:
* Ambient temperature: not higher than 40 ℃, not less than -40 ℃;
* Altitude: not exceed 2000m;
* Power frequency: 502Hz; 602Hz;
* Earthquake intensity: 7 degrees below;
* Maximum wind speed: 35m / s;
* Free cleaning conditions: moderate contamination and the following areas;
* Product of seamless, long-term frequency voltage applied shall not exceed the arrester rated voltage;
Product of a gap, the installation point increase in short-term frequency voltage shall not exceed the arrester rated voltage.
Long-term use in the following exception conditions, the lightning in need of special production, orders should be indicated:
* Excessive temperature or elevation (altitude, tropical, cold, closed cabinets with a close furnace, etc.)
* Use the environment of serious moisture or corrosive gas impurities (water, salt, chemical plants, etc.);
* Strong ultraviolet radiation (plateau, strong sunshine arid areas, etc.);
* Special heavy contamination areas (mine face, face construction sites, etc.).

Type Definitions:

The definition of full implementation of the Model JB/T8459-1996 "Arrester Model methodology" requirement, the specific model as follows:

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